Wednesday, 27 April 2011

It's just like you said it would be... sort of.

Will someone somewhere give "The Lion And The Cobra" by Sinead O'Connor a remastered reissue?

The original CD is grotesque in it's flaws. The worst of which being on the key track "Troy". Listen to it. See that distortion there. It's not right. I've heard some people think that was intentional! If it was then why is it not present on other releases of that track? That is a mastering flaw if ever there was one. The audio never reaches the 0dB line, it's relatively quiet so at which point of the mastering this distortion was introduced is beyond my knowledge!!!

Thank goodness for the "So Far... The Best Of" compilation. Many years ago I lifted "Jackie", "Mandinka" and "Troy" from this release and combined them with the remaining album tracks from the original CD. Meta-normalized them to match the levels (the newer best of CD of course being louder) and that's how I listen to "The Lion And The Cobra", once again, an album that gets my "Private Remaster" treatment. The "Troy" taken from this release is perfect, and certainly free of that horrible, horrible distortion!

So please, please, please, let me get what I want (bit of The Smiths there...) and remaster this album, properly!


  1. Well, this makes the two of us. There is a Greek promo CD that was given out in a newspaper in 2009, but I can't find out anywhere about the sound, so I guess it wasn't remastered for the occasion...

    1. I'm a year late replying, sorry, I forgot I had this blog!
      If there's distortion on the vocals on "Troy" then it's the awful version that is still out...
      When will they remaster this album, it's still a favourite!