Sunday, 10 June 2012

I forgot...

So, I'd forgotten all about this little blog I started!

I had put some of my private remasters out on YouTube since I last typed here.
A further and final (for the moment reworking on "Zen Arcade" gave me this...
Hüsker Dü - Zen Arcade (Private Remaster)

Another remaster was of Jawbox's second album "Novelty"...
Jawbox - Novelty (Private Remaster)

The most popular of all the remasters I put up was the one of PJ Harvey's second album and Steve Albini recorded "Rid Of Me"
PJ Harvey - Rid Of Me (Private Remaster)

I also put up my remaster of "You're Living All Over Me" by Dinosaur Jr. which was unfortunately removed by the YouTube powers that be. I have also been meaning to post my remaster of "The Holy Bible" by the Manic Street Preachers but haven't got around to it. I found the original CD murky and muffled, the US mix on the deluxe edition too overblown (still a great version to have though!) so I tend to listen to my privately remastered UK version.

On a very sad note, today I found out that Sean Roberts, lead singer of little known band Thirty Ought Six has passed away. None of your probably know who he is, or have heard of Thirty Ought Six. I shall do a full post on them soon, but for years I had the pleasure to interact with their guitarist David Blunk, and through him I had all three members of Thirty Ought on my Facebook page. I also uploaded a large amount of their music onto YouTube (bar their second album "Hag Seed" as it is still in print, and their masterpiece) so here is their first album. "Huck" was the single from the album, easily the most catchy song on the album... but there are some other wonderful highlights, the title track "Bosozoku", "Wading" (with vocals from Jody Bleyle of the Portland band Hazel) and the dark, brooding "Shut" which bursts from near quiet, whispered vocals to full on, in your face noise glory.
Thirty Ought Six - Bosozoku